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Wendell Castle Workshop Policies


  • Before signing up, each student is responsible to read, fully understand, and accept the registration process. This includes non-refundable registration fees and the cancellation policy.

  • All online registrations will not be official until the credit card has been processed.

  • No smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs are permitted in the school building.

  • No firearms or other weapons allowed on the property.

  • All machine guards must remain in place.

  • If a machine is locked out it’s not to be utilized without the approval of the WCW Director or his designated assistant.

  • A WCW representative or the instructor will demonstrate proper use and safety guidelines before student use of a piece of equipment.

  • If you are on medications that could impair your judgment, you will not be allowed to operate power equipment.

  • No visitors, friends, spouses, children or pets are allowed.

  • Recording (audio and/or video) of any instructional workshop is strictly prohibited.

  • Students agree to take workshops at their own risk. Each student must accept the terms of a liability waiver and must release sponsors, owners, guest lecturers, assistants, staff, other students, manufacturers, directors, board members, and managers from claims or liabilities from injury, loss, damage, or death.

  • Students are not allowed to work with spalted woods, exotic woods, or any materials that could be hazardous to other students.

  • Students who intentionally violate rules or put others at risk will be asked to leave.

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