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The Wendell Castle Workshop is inspired by its namesake, a school founded by the artist in his studio in 1980 offering a two-year program culminating in an AOS (Associate of Occupational Studies) degree. Classes were given in various woodworking techniques and design, with an emphasis on the type of stack lamination that Castle pioneered. By the school's final year, in 1988, over 30 students were registered. The success of Castle's school was such that it outgrew his studio, and it was absorbed into RIT's School for American Craftsmen. 

The new Wendell Castle Workshop pays tribute to the artist’s legacy by inspiring others to experience creativity inside the walls of the studio where he worked for over five decades.

The new Workshop’s offerings feature weekend and week-long classes led by experienced makers and teachers in areas such as furniture design, woodworking techniques, and creative processes. These classes vary in experience level to cater to beginning hobbyists, emerging artists, and advanced makers. The workshop is fully equipped with traditional and state-of-the-art machinery and tools for woodworking , metal working, and finishing.

Design does not happen in isolation; design is a process of cultural assimilation. To be successful, the contemporary furniture maker must combine an advanced knowledge of the high technology of fine woodworking with a thorough understanding of the history and philosophy of design.

Wendell Castle

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Page from the 1987 Wendell Castle Workshop (a.k.a. School) course guide. Click above to download the full booklet.

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