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Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin's woodworking journey began after 14 years in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. After his honorable discharge, he traded in his uniform for a woodworking apron and dove into furniture design at Rosewood Studio, learning from some of North America’s top furniture makers.

With his newfound skills, Vic launched a small business crafting custom furniture and also worked as a part-time instructor and craftsman-in-residence at Rosewood. His career in woodworking flourished as he took on various exciting roles, including editor at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine and woodworking advisor at Lee Valley Tools. With Lee Valley/Veritas, he helped develop innovative tools and traveled the globe to teach and present at woodworking events.

These days, Vic is living the dream of being his own boss! He co-owns and runs Vic Tesolin Woodworks (VTW) with his wife Andrea, a small business dedicated to making woodworking education accessible to everyone. VTW offers instruction covering everything from beginner basics to advanced skills. When he’s not teaching, Vic is busy sharing his passion for woodworking through various platforms. He blogs for Fine Woodworking magazine, co-hosts the FWW Shop Talk Live podcast, creates engaging social media content, and contributes articles to the aforementioned magazines as well as Australian Wood Review.

Inspired by the stories of people who think they can't woodwork because they don't have a big workshop or fancy tools, Vic authored two books: The Minimalist Woodworker and Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker. These books prove that anyone can create beautiful woodworking projects with minimal space and just a few essential tools. Vic's mission is to show that woodworking is for everyone, no matter the size of their workshop.

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